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    About us

    Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd was established on May 6th, 2011. The company locates in the historical and cultural city, Ezhou, where Sun Quan,

    King of Wu established his capital. The company originated from manganese ore mining and grows by nickel smelting. Hubei Global-union Trade has expanded to a diversified operating corporation based on lead, copper, cobalt and tungsten.


    So far, the minimum annual output is manganese 50,000 tons, silicon manganese alloy 20,000 tons, copper 5000 tons, nickel 1800 tons, cobalt 360 tons. In addition, it hascomprehensive utilization and production of platinum,palladium,gold,silver,rhenium, selenium, bismuth,tellurium,tin and other rare metals. Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd is planning to exploit new mines in Malaysia and other cities, and the annual exploitation is expected to be over 200,000 tons.

    Material Purchase

      We need all nonferrous metal ore, concentrate and scraps,including Cobalt ore, tungsten ore, copper ore, nickel ore, lead ore, tin ore, tantalum ore, gold ore, silver ore. etc

      • Content:10% and above
      • Size:0-15mm
      • Package: one ton in big bag
      • Shipping terms: FOB,CIF,CFR
      • Payment terms: L/C,T/T
      • Destination port: Wuhan /Guangzhou Huangpu port


    “National Shou contract re-credit business” “Re employment advanced enterprise” “labor relations harmonious enterprise””Excellent cultural construction enterprise” “Excellent enterprise” “Best civilized enterprise” ETC


    Telephone: 0086-711-3203299
    Mob.: 0086-711-3706899
    Whatsapp: 008618872884338
    Company name: Hubei Global-union Trade Co.,ltd


    • Copper ore

    • Copper concentrate

    • Zinc ore

    • Zinc concentrate

    • Zinc oxide

    • Lead ore

    • Lead concentrate

    • Antimony Ore

    • Tin ore

    • Tantalum ore

    • Nickel Concentrate

    • Nickel matte

    • Nickel ore

    • Nickel sulfide

    • Tungsten ore

    • Coke

    • Manganese ore

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